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CBC-8000 capacitor bank control

Eaton’s CBC-8000 capacitor bank control is designed to operate utility distribution feeder capacitors. Offering increased security, simplified installation, reduced training and lower cost of ownership, the highly flexible control can be readily deployed in advanced automation schemes such as Eaton's Yukon Integrated Volt/VAR control, SCADA and distribution management systems. The CBC-8000 capacitor bank control is one of Eaton's grid automation system solutions.

Remote settings and firmware management
Enhanced power quality
Easy to install
Light weight

Core Features

  • Modular, economical controllers support stand-alone functionality and  a variety of communication configurations
  • Three-phase power quality measurements
  • Voltage control  algorithm to address feeder voltage violations
  • Kvar algorithm to optimize power factor to user selectable target
  • Time control algorithm to operate the capacitor to a planned schedule
  • Current control algorithm to operate the capacitor bank based on load conditions
  • Temperature algorithm to operate the bank due to the site temperature
  • SCADA control  via DNP3 protocol
  • Locally, or wirelessly upgrade and manage firmware and settings  using Eaton’s ProView NXG configuration software
  • Reverse power flow correction due to renewables
  • Robust communication loss fail-safe modes


  • Monitors every aspect of site’s health with full three-phase voltage, current, VAR and harmonic monitoring, as well as capacitor bank neutral current monitoring via analog inputs for greater accuracy
  • Flexible design reduces time in field and operating costs, with ability for the control to be remotely operated, scanned and programmed, plus data logs downloaded over the network
  • Helps utilities maintain grid stability through robust offering of communication loss or fail-safe backup modes in the event communications become unavailable
  • Capacitors correct the distribution feeder VAR flow, improving energy efficiency and reducing losses
  • User-friendly design offers highly flexible operational control strategies and easily integrates with radios and radio networks
  • Two-way communication features include reporting of trip and close action, real-time scanning, site alarm notifications and optional neutral current sensor
  • Integrated communications capabilities and robust library of DNP3 Analog Outputs helps utilities significantly reduce the number of steps needed to commission devices, while enabling technicians to remotely manage control settings
  • Easily integrated  with Yukon Volt/VAR Control (IVVC) software which uses capacitors and regulators to flatten the feeder voltage profile, with the capacitor acting as both a voltage and power factor device to deliver the optimal feeder voltage profile

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