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Yukon Demand Response Management Software

Yukon Demand Response Management Software

Eaton’s Yukon Demand Response management software (DRMS)  provides demand response (DR) management capability on a robust enterprise software platform. The DRMS supports multiple communication options for two-way load control switches and smart thermostat solutions. The Yukon software platform also features optional modules supporting measurement & verification (M&V) data collection, Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Distribution Automation as well as open interface standards and specifications to ensure seamless integration to future enterprise software applications. The Yukon DRMS is one of Eaton's Demand Response solutions.

Intuitive interface
Easy to use
Expandable to large sytems
Advanced DR capabilities

Core features

  • Advanced load management programming and control
  • Operator forecasting and asset management
  • Customer service and program administration portal
  • Management of third-party equipment, such as smart thermostats
  • Enterprise Integration Module (EIM)

Direct control of residential and commercial loads

Automated control, multiple program scheduling, control strategy assignments, and field communications with devices

Flexibility for many types of users

Different functionality for different users: administrators, call center reps, control room operators, IT personnel, supervisors and consumers
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