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Distributed I/O

Eaton’s substation-grade SMP distributed I/O platforms are specially designed to meet the requirement for distributed I/O in modern utility substation automation systems. Both SMP distributed I/O platforms support binary inputs and binary outputs, as well as analog inputs. They operate with AC or DC voltage, and communicate over serial RS-485 or TCP/IP using fiber or copper Ethernet. Both platforms, the SMP IO-2230 and the SMP I/O, can be integrated with the SMP Gateway or used as standalone I/O modules that connect directly to a master station. The SMP distributed I/O platforms are part of Eaton's grid automation system solutions.


Core features

  • Seamless networking facilitated through the SMP distributed I/O’s Ethernet and RS-485 ports, and by relying on the industry-standard DNP3 protocol
  • Supports also IEC 61850 and GOOSE messaging (SMP IO-2230)
  • Integrated micro-PLC and full integration with the SMP Gateway management application for the SMP IO-2230
  • The SMP IO-2230 complies with industry cybersecurity standards (certified under UL 2900-2-2)
  • Designed for growth: up to 64 I/Os for the SMP IO-2230 and 32 I/Os for the SMP I/O
  • Part of the Eaton RTU replacement solutions

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