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Eaton 10 kV Disconnector

Eaton's 10 kV Disconnector series is an outdoor composite disconnectors used in 10 kV AC overhead lines. They work with circuit breakers or load-break switches to provide visible breaks and enhance the safety during equipment operation and maintenance. 


Core features

  • Uses high-quality silicone rubber insulators to enable strong resistance to corrosion and UV damage, hydrophobic property, and insulation ability to self-recover
  • Has a creepage ratio that meets level IV dirt requirements
  • Uses pure copper-plated silver with a conductivity greater than 97%
  • Uses dual static contact design for easy closing
  • Uses a unique dual-shaft, anti-slip design, which prevents electrical force from causing a knife malfunction
  • Employs high-strength, zinc-galvanized, corrosion-proof steel, and can be widely used outdoors
  • Uses domestically popular double-hole terminals for easy installation

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