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Eaton L Cutout

Type L Drop-Out Cutout is the preferred outdoor overhead high voltage cutout for power companies and industrial users. It provides complete and reliable overload and short circuit protection for transformers, capacitors, cables or overhead lines in 10 kV distribution systems. 

Core features

  • Employs world-class, fourth-generation single-ended downward expulsion design to prevent hazards on the upper circuit caused by conductive gas and avoid gas pressure from two-direction gas expulsion, thereby enhancing arc protection
  • Employs copper-plated silver contacts for greatly reduced resistance and longer service life
  • Uses insulators that are cast of high-strength ceramic and metal inserts, with the connection part made of imported vulcanized cement to greatly extend the service life
  • Uses double hole configuration in the middle of the metal connector, greatly improving installation reliability
  • Complies with ANSI C37.2 and GB115166.3-94 standards, and PCCC certified for breaking capacity up to 12.5 kA / 16 kA

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