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Eaton 40.5 kV Cutout

The 40.5 kV Cutout is Eaton's outdoor high voltage drop-out cutout tailored for wind farms in China. It has a compact structure and is not easily affected by wind pressure. Using silicone insulators, it is light, and easy to install and maintain. This fuse is mainly used to protect the transformers under wind turbines from the impact of high current in case of external faults. 


Core features

  • Employs industry-leading design that includes a top cover and bottom expulsion to prevent hazards on the upper circuit caused by conductive gas and avoid gas pressure from two-direction gas expulsion, thus enhancing arc protection capability
  • Uses an arc shortening rod to guide the arc to the fuse center, thus reducing gas movement and improving arc interruption
  • Meets level IV dirt and insulation requirements with a creepage distance of up to 1256 mm, making it suitable for most locations
  • Employs copper-plated silver contacts for greatly reduced resistance and longer service life
  • Uses a rugged windproof design and keeps one-way surface for fuse drop-out to withstand greater force without falling off

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