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Eaton Active Power Filter

Eaton’s Active Power Filter dynamically suppresses harmonics and compensates for reactive power. This highly controllable and fast reacting electrical filter provides customers with a turnkey solution for compensating reactive power and controlling harmonics. It is widely used for rail transportation, mining, metallurgy, petrochemical, wind power, manufacturing and commercial and residential buildings.


Core features

  • Prevents resonance through dynamically compensating for harmonics with freely adjustable compensation frequency
  • Compensates for harmonic current within 20 ms by built-in high-speed digital signal processor 
  • Supports power factor detection and automatic compensation for reactive power
  • Allows convenient switching, real-time alarm control and status checking through human-machine interface (HMI)
  • Supports automatic current limiting to prevent overload or three-phase imbalance
  • Provides intelligent monitoring system for remote control, remote setting and remote signaling
  • Reduces installation costs by using standardized modular units that are easy to install

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