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Eaton Arc Flash Protection System

ArcGrad Arc fault protection system increased availability of installations and active personal protection.

Medium- and low-voltage switchgears and associated bus bars are key elements in the power supply chain. Arcing faults in metal clad switchgears and associated Bus bars may occur for the following reasons:

• defective or ageing insulating materials
• poor bus or cable connections
• poor maintenance
• human errors
• ingress of moisture, dust or vermin
• abnormal service conditions

The degree of damage caused by arcing mainly depends on the duration of the arc. To ensure the safety of all technicians and maximise the availability of the installation, the arc fault must be  extinguished reliably  and immediately.

Existing protection systems operate effectively and quickly under most fault types but arcing faults may lead to slow operating.
The ArcGard arc fault protection system is used for the protection of medium- and low-voltage switchgears to increase personnel safety and minimize equipment damage.
The ArcGard system provides quick detection and clearance of arcing faults. It has a typical response time of less than 10 milliseconds.
The ArcGard system consists of a modular detection system with point sensors or fibre optic sensors which can detect the electric arc. 
The trip output is provided with four high-speed and galvanically isolated semi-conductor outputs, HSO1 to HSO4, and relay outputs.

DO1 tO DO4. These outputs can be used in DC and AC circuits. 

Core features

  • Three-phase overcurrent function - as additional criteria for trip decision
  • Up to four combines Point or loop-type fiber arc sensors for arc detection and light intensity measuring
  • Four high-speed semiconductor outputs for fast tripping
  • Four relay outputs for trip signalization and circuit breaker failure protection
  • Trip indication LED for each arc fault sensor
  • Arc sensor supervision with sensor fail LED for each zone
  • Continuous self-supervision and monitoring of sensor fibers with a healthy LED and alarm contact
  • RS485 and 10Base-T / 100Base-TX port interfaces
  • System configuration via web browsers
  • Real-time event logging
  • Wide-range auxiliary supply

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