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Eaton Distribution Automation Terminals

Distribution Automation Terminals are an important part of distribution automation systems to deliver real-time monitoring, fault detection, fault location, isolation and power restoration in non-fault areas on multi-line systems. These terminals include distribution terminal units (DTU), feeder terminal units (FTU) and transformer terminal units (TTU). They are widely used, especially in 10 kV medium voltage power distribution control systems. 


Core features

  • 32-bit High performance RISC operating
  • Highly modular in hardware and software design
  • Scalable by combining individual I/O modules
  • Plug-and-Play functionality of the modules for saving time and costs
  • Enabled with smart grid protocols IEC 60870-101/104, DNP3.0 and Modbus
  • Multi-master communication capability
  • Local/remote communication over serial and Ethernet port
  • Time synchronization using IEC60870/DNP3/SNTP
  • Time stamping resolution of 1 millisecond
  • Device and communication redundancy supported
  • Flexible soft logic programing
  • Integrated protection and automation functions used in cable network monitoring
  • User-friendly configuration tools IEDManager easy for configuration and management
  • Temperatures range from -20°C to +70°C for rough ambient conditions

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