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Eaton Dry-type Transformer

Eaton's Dry-type Transformers are a new generation of reliable, safe, environment-friendly, and energy-saving high-tech transformers. They are particularly suitable for locations with high humidity or where fire-resistance is a high priority or loads fluctuate such as airports, high-rise buildings, densely populated areas, basements, cargo ships, offshore drilling platforms and nuclear power plants, etc. 


Core features

  •  Uses high-quality insulation that resists spontaneous ignition and flameouts
  •  Includes a safe transformer unit that is pollution-free and maintenance-free
  •  Uses integrated media to withstand partial discharges and high pulses
  •  Offers high short-circuit strength for safe and stable operation
  •  Resists humidity and common industrial contaminants with hermetically sealed design
  •  Supports installation near the load center without the need for vaults, dikes or special ventilation and thus lowers installation costs
  •  Saves installation space with compact structure and light design

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