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Eaton EX-7L / EX-7Li Capacitor

EX-7L / EX-7Li Capacitors are all-film high-voltage electrical capacitors using latest design technologies. Eaton's capacitors feature all-film, extended foil and solderless connections for a very high duty coefficient.


Core features

  •  Has very low loss—0.15 W / kVAR for internally fused units and 0.08 W/kVAR for externally fused units
  •  Provides higher safety performance with definite tank rupture curve
  •  Uses Edisol® VI dielectric fluid, a Cooper-patented technology which is PCB-free, environment-friendly and safe
  •  Provides stable capacitance that is basically unaffected by temperature
  •  Withstands fault currents of over 10 kA using Eaton's Cooper-patented EX® mechanical crimp connection system
  •  Uses Eaton’s Cooper-patented expulsion-type or current-limiting fuses in externally fused capacitors
  •  Uses safe and reliable CLEANBREAK® element fusing system in internally fused capacitors

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