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Eaton FXD Control

The FXD recloser control is the latest in a series of fully integrated controls developed by Cooper Power Systems, ready for the Smart Grid. It is designed as a smart and reliable solution to meet your requirements for ease-of-use, simplicity, and future upgradeability. Additional functions are provided as options depending on your requirements.

The control is housed in a weatherproof cabinet to ensure reliability. In addition, it can be housed separately from the recloser as they are connected via cable.

The control is easy to operate as it adopts a standard look and feel with a universal platform that can be used for almost any protective application. This means that field engineers need only learn ONE standard operating system and application to maintain MULTIPLE protective applications.

Core features

  • Use one control for multiple applications
  • Simulate different fault events to test virtual responses prior to field exposure with the Virtual Test Set feature
  • Data profiler can be customized for sample rate and metering forms such as weekly load profiles, daily harmonic disturbances or hourly voltage fluctuations
  • Sequence of events log provides detailed reporting of system operations, including current and voltage values; recent events are conveniently displayed in the front panel LCD for easy access
  • Duty cycle monitor measures and records duty for each phase to accurately predict contact life of recloser interrupters and can be adjusted or reset if recloser is changed or serviced
  • Application diagram saves troubleshooting costs by allowing you to quickly view your system in one window where active logic elements of the control and distribution system are displayed
  • Comprehensive metering reduces operating costs by providing accurate load current measurements to balance feeders, improves system planning with real-time data reports, and increases efficiency through quick fault location and identification
  • Sync-check capability based on source side ane load side PT to qualify close signal to the mechanism when enabled via the sync check settings.
  • Loss of phase protection trips the recloser if phase-earth voltage on one or two phases falls below a defined voltage threshold.
  • An impedance-based fault locator to calculate the distance by impedance calculation.
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