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Eaton IEC Separable Connectors

IEC Separable Connectors are waterproof cable connectors that can be easily installed. These cable accessories use imported high quality EPDM rubber for reliable field performance and are widely used in sectionalizing cabinets and RMUs.

Core features

  •  Offers stable performance under harsh conditions, proven in the exclusive American 5,000-hour multi-stress test
  •  Passes a battery of tests at the National Quality Supervision and Testing Center for Wire and Cables, China Electric Power Industry Equipment Quality Inspection and Testing Center, South Network Hubei Wuhan High Industrial Co. Ltd., and CESI
  •  Undergoes strict factory inspection, including 100% pressure test, partial discharge test and 100% X-ray inspection
  •  full current ranges of products 
  •  Provides a wide voltage range of 17.5 kV, 24 kV, 36 kV and 40.5 kV

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