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Eaton Intelligent Sensor

JYL-90 Smart Fault Circuit Indicators improve grid reliability and reduce operation cost. Fault indicators will help utilities increase their revenue by improving the reliability of their distribution networks, improving customer satisfaction, and reducing maintenance man-hours.

The JYL-90 is an intelligent fault ciriuit indicator that is designed for the monitoring and analyzing of overhead distribution lines. It combines fault and disturbance detection with load monitoring and high-resolution waveform capture.

Core features

JYL-90 Line Sensor

  •  High precision current measurement
  •  Intelligent algorithms to provide overhead line fault detection
  •  High resolution waveform capability 4kHz
  •  Self-contained, conductor-mounted with patented Energy Harvesting technology
  •  Power harvesting, no secondary power source needed
  •  Provides visible (LED) indication of fault conditions
  •  Plug and play, installs in minute
  •  IP67 Waterproof rating

JYL-90 Concrntrator

  •  Wireless conmunication capability, RF, 3G and 4G celluar technology
  •  High precision (1us) GPS for loaction and time synchronization
  •  Fault detection based on zero-sequence current sythesis
  •  Solar and capacitor as the main and backup power
  •  Remote upgrading and maintence
  •  IP55 enclosure rating

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