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Eaton MV Cold-shrink Cable Accessories

MV Cold-shrink Cable Accessories have excellent expandability and cover voltage levels from 10 kV to 35 kV. This series of cable accessories improves the gripping force between cable accessories and the cable interface. They are widely used in connections between cables and between overhead lines and cables.


Core features

  •  Maximizes product safety using unique traceless expanding technology
  •  Uses a stress cone structure design that is safer and more reasonable
  •  Undergoes strict factory inspection, including 100% AC withstand test, partial discharge test and 100% X-ray inspection
  •  Complies with medium voltage power cable accessories standards such as GB12706.4 and IEC60502.4 (except 40.5 kV cold-shrink products)
  •  Uses imported liquid silicone rubber for excellent insulation, has high aging and arc resistance performance.
  •  Has low rate of permanent deformation and can be stored for up to 24 months 

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