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Eaton NOVAi Series Vacuum-interrupt Circuit Breaker

NOVAi series vacuum-interrupt circuit breaker is an oil-free, SF6-free, maintenance-free overhead switchgear. With the cutting-edge technology of bi-stable permanent magnetic actuator, longitudinal magnetic field arc extinguishing, and epoxy resin solid in insulation, this IEC style product enjoys a good reputation worldwide.

Eaton NOVAi Series Vacuum-Interrupt Circuit Breaker.jpg

Core features

  • Magnetic mechanism
  • Vacuum Interrupt
  • Outdoor Epoxy Insulation
  • Manual/Electrical closing and opening
  • Sequence: O-(0.3 s)-CO-(1.8 s)-CO-(1.8 s)
  • 6 voltage sensors
  • FXD: Smart Control
  • Complies with IEC62271-111 standard
  • 12 kV /24 kV ratio voltage, 630 A / 800 A ratio current, and 12.5 kA / 16 kA circuit breaking
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