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Eaton Pad-mounted Transformer

Pad-mounted Transformers are some of the most widely used transformers in power distribution systems. Pad-mounted Transformers are completely enclosed, fully insulated, easy to install, maintenance-free and found in countless industrial parks, residential areas, commercial centers and high-rise buildings

Core features

  •  Offers strong overload capacity that can withstand double overload for 2 hours or 1.6 times overload for 7 hours without affecting service life
  •  Has losses below the national standard, maintenance-free for 20 years, economical and environment-friendly
  •  Uses Eaton manufactured cabinet parts and cable connectors to ensure excellent performance
  •  Uses cable connectors with an isolation switch for easy operation at a 200A load
  •  Supports installation of fully-shielded, fully-insulated elbow arresters
  •  Uses D,yn11 three-phase connection and five-pole structure to provide high-quality voltage, no neutral point drift, no heat, low noise and good lightning protection
  •  Uses high-strength cabinet that withstands 7 psi (49 kPa) without oil leakage or permanent deformation and 15 psi (105 kPa) without rupture
  •  Uses anti-corrosive cabinet surface and special paint treatment for a variety of harsh environments
  •  Offers optional high-ignition oil that can be used in high-rise buildings to eliminate fire hazards

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