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Eaton Power Meter

The APM Series Power Meter is a revenue grade multifunctional power, energy meters for industrial and commercial metering applications. 

Advanced measuring technologies ensure robust and accurate measuring in all types of environments.

It is designed to provide a simple, robust and cost-effective  solution for power monitoring, power quality analysis and energy metering. 

It is ideal for applications like:

  • Energy Monitoring
  • Costing and Billing
  • Power Quality Analysis
  • Metering of Distribution Feeders, Transformers, Generators, Capacitor Banks and Motors
  • Medium- and Low-Voltage Systems
  • Commercial, Industrial and Utility

Core features

  • High accuracy class 0.5s as per IEC 62053-22  
  • Wide range of measured parameters
  • THD up to the 31st for Voltage or Current parameters 
  • Automatic Frequency adaptation
  • Isolated RS485 with Modbus-RTU protocol
  • 4DI + 2DO, for Digital pulse output and alarm management
  • Multi-line backlit LCD or high-visibility LED display
  • 96x96 mm or 72x72 mm flush mounting

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