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Eaton SOV Series Vacuum-interrupt Circuit Breaker

SOV series vacuum-interrupt circuit breaker is a common-box based overhead switchgear. It is widely used in the application of city or rural power network. Via the coordination of demarcation switch controller, it can  avoid a lot of line fault, and reduce the time and area of power outage, and then enhance the reliability of power system. 


Core features

  • Spring mechanism
  • Vacuum Interrupt
  • SF6 Insulation
  • Manual / Electrical closing and opening
  • Inner zero-sequence CT 
  • Inner voltage sense (optional)
  • Integrated disconnect (optional)
  • FXD Steady Intelligent Control
  • Complies with GB1984 standard
  • 12kV rated voltage, 630A rated current, and 20kA breaking current
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