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HMI/SCADA software

For larger applications, Eaton’s Visual T&D software is a cost-effective PC-based solution for control, data logging, visualization and alarm management perfectly suited for applications that require more capabilities than the SMP Gateway integrated HMI. Eaton's HMI/SCADA solution provides cost-effective and secure control, data visualization and alarm management capabilities for utility automation systems. Visual T&D software is one of Eaton's grid automation system solutions.


Core features

  • Flexible licensing model adapts to the large number of data points in modern IEDs
  • Supports a large variety of data sources like SMP Gateways, industry-standard OPC servers
  • Millisecond time-tagging and data quality attributes
  • Client/Server architecture with optimized support for low-bandwidth networks
  • Support server redundancy for continued error-free operation 
  • Individual user accounts with granular access permissions
  • Access a large variety of devices with the optional Communication Server module, using standard or proprietary protocols

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