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Load control switches

The load control switch is an integral component of a demand response (DR) system. Installed at the consumer end of the distribution network, this product lets a utility manage residential loads during peak demand periods. Typical applications include air conditioners, water heaters and irrigation systems. The load control switch is one of Eaton's Demand Response solutions.

Eaton's load control switches employ True Cycle technology that enables greater demand reduction than is otherwise achievable.
Reduce customer impact
Enables demand response localization
Maximize load reduction
Smart algorithms maximize load reduction
Ease troubleshooting
Manage and reconfigure over the air

Core features

  • Communications flexibility
  • Advanced messaging capabilities
  • Intelligent control algorithm
  • Protects consumer equipment against brownout damage
  • Grid optimization algorithms

Balance load shed with customer comfort

While HVAC load management is essential for effective demand response., irrigation systems and water heaters can also significantly impact demand. Demand response equipment helps utilities shed load at times of high demand, but can reduce customer comfort. TrueCycle intelligence adjusts air conditioner operation based on the normal running patterns within the home. These smart TrueCycle algorithms learn and understand the customer's usage patterns. This reduces the impact on the consumer of load shedding actions so that a complete HVAC shutdown is avoided while still achieving the necessary demand reduction.

Protection features for additional equipment protection

The devices also include Cold-Load Pickup and Short Cycle protection features for added safety and consumer equipment protection. In brownout situations frequency or voltage problems can damage large motors. Eaton load control switches can shed load automatically if supply problems are detected.
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