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PLC (Power Line Carrier) AMI Solution

Eaton’s Power Line Carrier (PLC) solution is a fully supported two-way PLC communications network that can be used to facilitate Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), demand response/load management and limited distribution automation functionality. Eaton’s PLC solution offers advanced functionality allowing the system to not only benefit the metering and billing departments, but also engineering, operations and planning.

Eaton’s two-way, Power Line Carrier communication network is fully integrated into the Yukon ODMS enterprise software platform.

Core features

  • Two-way polled PLC Network utilizing 9.6 or 12.5 kHz signals
  • Capacitively-coupled solution
  • Supports use of repeaters
  • Integrated to the Eaton Yukon ODMS enterprise software platform
  • Completely configurable AMI parameters
  • Broadcast capabilities allow load sheds in less than two seconds

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