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RTU upgrade solutions

Eaton’s innovative, flexible and high performing RTU upgrade solutions reduce the cost and complexity of replacing a legacy system. Eaton’s solutions involve its cybersecure substation-grade automation platform and SMP IO-2230 systems, which are SMP IO-2230 units each integrated into a chassis matching the required I/O configuration.  These SMP products  are recognized as one of the most efficient and reliable automation solutionson the market. RTU upgrade offerings are one of Eaton's grid automation system solutions


Core features

  • Innovative, flexible and high performing solution
  • Easily adapts to any RTU, rack-mountable, 3U
  • Fast commissioning due to seamless integration of the SMP IO-2230 with the automation platform
  • Advanced operational and non-operational data management capabilities
  • Uses open industry protocols (DNP3, GOOSE messaging, IEC 61850)
  • Compliance with NERC CIP requirements
  • Secure remote access for maintenance
  • Expansion capabilities with distributed SMP IO-2230 systems, distributed I/O units and other IEDs

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