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Volt/Var management software

Eaton's Yukon Volt/Var management software solution monitors real-time voltages, watts and VARs from LTCs, regulators, capacitors, medium voltage sensors and additional monitoring points such as customer meters and assess the characteristic of energy delivery. Based on that assessment, the Yukon Volt/Var Management software will issue a control command to a load tap changing transformer, a voltage regulator or a capacitor bank  automatically without operator interaction. The solution improves the distribution system efficiency and mitigates operational issues. The Yukon Volt/Var management software solution is one of Eaton's grid automation system solutions.

Volt/Var management software
Improved power quality
Reduced power costs
Energy savings

Core features

  • Voltage and power factor control
  • Conservation voltage reduction support
  • Easy implementation, maintenance and data importation
  • Voltage management during forward and reverse power flow conditions due to renewables integration

Sophisticated automation

Sophisticated automation results in a greater percentage of energy delivered to customers, deferred installation costs of new generation plants and a greener energy footprint

Volt/Var management

Learn how flattening your voltage provide and minimizing your VAR flow can improve your bottom line.

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