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Yukon Feeder Automation software

Eaton’s Yukon Feeder Automation (YFA) solution is an advanced feeder automation software that focuses on self-healing grid functions such as FLISR (Fault Location, Isolation, Service Restoration). The system is designed to help lower SAIDI and SAIFI metrics by converting sustained outages into momentary outages by means of automated intelligent switching operations. The YFA system leverages real-time data from Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) on the distribution system, to detect system disturbances such as faults and then automatically reconfigure the system to isolate the disturbance and minimize the total number of customers impacted by an outage. Eaton’s Yukon Feeder Automation solution provides utility engineers with the tools to easily design and implement a self-healing grid solution. The YFA system makes changing the automation settings effortless, thereby streamlining the process of incorporating new IEDs or adapting to changing field conditions. The YFA system ease-of-use empowers utilities to incorporate the self-healing grid as a process rather than treating feeder automation as a project.    


Core features

  • Fault management, voltage loss management and load management
  • Simple configuration
  • Self-healing system
  • Server-based application with centralized communication architecture

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