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  • Where intelligence drives power

    In the age of big data and IoT, digital connectivity exists across the manufacturing floor, electric grid, buildings, healthcare facilities, transportation and in the home. We’re innovating Intelligent Power solutions that collect data, learn and provide actionable insights to optimize power use and continuity.
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2017 Annual Report

For over a century, we've evolved, both adapting to and driving changes that have improved our quality of life and the environment. This year is no exception.

Cybersecurity – more important than ever

Artificial intelligence and advanced data-sharing provide many benefits. They can also make your organization vulnerable to attack. Cybersecurity is at the core of our “secure by design” philosophy.

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Latest news releases

Latest news releases
Eaton reaches agreement to sell its Lighting business
October 15, 2019
Latest news releases

Eaton to participate in the Morgan Stanley 7th Annual Laguna Conference September 13, 2019

August 29, 2019

Latest news releases

Eaton releases 13th annual sustainability report highlighting progress toward environmental and social responsibility goals

August 19, 2019

Latest news releases

Eaton Reports Second Quarter Earnings per Share of $1.50

July 30, 2019