Eaton’s Cooling Systems are series of computer room air conditioner products that Eaton has introduced to ensure the precise control of computer room operating environments and continuous, stable operation of equipment. The systems include TAC and SAC series and work together with Eaton’s airflow management systems to optimize data center equipment and increase information processing density, thus saving energy and making data centers more environment-friendly.

Eaton SAC Cooling

SAC precision air conditioners are a new generation of highly reliable CRACs designed for the ever-demanding power density, environmental protection and energy conservation needs of modern data centers. This family of products can meet the cooling needs of modern computer room equipment to provide a safe, reliable and stable environment.

Eaton TAC Cooling

The TAC Precision Air Conditioner is a classic high sensible heat ratio CRAC. Different from ordinary air conditioners used for comfort, this CRAC can precisely control the environment of the computer rooms to create a safe and reliable operating environment for users' critical business systems, including base stations, computer rooms, power equipment rooms, and substations.