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  • Value beyond the hose

    Why choose Eaton Winner standard performance hoses and fittings? Because you get the same Eaton extras you get with our high-performance, mission-critical hoses and fittings.

Eaton Winner hose and fittings

As an OEM, you’re building more than platforms; you’re building a brand.

Eaton intimately understands what you’re building — from both a platform and a brand perspective — and we’ve created a hydraulic hose and fitting portfolio that aligns perfectly with your vision. Whether you need to specify our high-performance hoses and fittings for critical applications or our Winner hoses for others, the measurable value that sets Eaton apart remains the same. You get design expertise, responsive technical support and a robust global supply chain that ensures your production line never slows down because you’re waiting for a shipment of hoses and fittings.

The value-added services you get from our brand help you deliver on your own brand promise. The extras we deliver make meaningful contributions to your product innovation, vehicle performance and pricing strategy — as well as your ability to deliver purpose-built platforms on-time, every time. Best of all, Eaton provides all of these extra services while maintaining competitive pricing and a range of products that makes it easy to find the perfect hose and fitting for every application.

Standard performance, exceptional craftsmanship
Complete system-matched offerings
Consultative engineering and design experience

OEM-driven innovation process

The design of all our hose and fittings — including Winner standard-performance products — reflect deep collaborative partnerships with OEMs of all sizes and across all markets. We work closely with OEM design teams to understand and anticipate their design challenges. This understanding led to the development of the Winner product line. While many mission-critical hose and fitting applications require mission-critical performance characteristics, an increasing number of applications require standard performance coupled with value. Our engineering collaboration with OEMs inspires our own product development process and results in high-value offerings, like Winner hoses and fittings.

Complete system-matched offerings

In addition to quality design and materials, we ensure the performance of our hoses by surrounding them with system-matched fittings and equipment qualified to work together to deliver high quality hose assemblies, so you can trust the performance of your equipment in the field with Eaton system-matched solutions inside.

Consultative engineering and design expertise

Innovation in your platforms comes from many sources — including trusted suppliers who are uniquely in-tune with both engineering trends and the changing requirements of end-users across multiple global markets. Eaton offers access to experienced engineers who are ready to help you solve specific platform design issues — or simply bring you fresh engineering ideas. These value-added services are available when you choose any of our hoses and fittings, including Winner standard-performance products.

Whether you need high-performance hoses for critical applications or standard hoses for others, Eaton’s complete portfolio has you covered.

Winner Hose and Fittings Catalog


View our latest catalog to learn more about Winner product offerings. Get great value and system-matched performance to align with modern engineering strategies, at a competitive price.


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