Bus Ducts are low voltage compact bus duct products specially designed to meet latest market requirements by Eaton, the professional bus duct manufacture. The series includes a complete suite of models to meet a variety of demanding requirements in special scenarios with their excellent conductivity, great safety and compatibility, lower line loss and better economy.

Eaton XAP Series Busduct Systems

The XAP Series Busduct Systems is specially designed by Eaton, one of professional bus duct manufactures, to meet the latest market requirements. It can be installed vertically or horizontally and covers current ratings from 250 A to 6300 A, making it suitable for factories, data centers and commercial areas.

Eaton Licensable Busduct System Mempower XP

Licensable Busduct System Mempower XP is Eaton's compact, low-impedance, sandwich-style busbar. Theses popular busbars cover ratings from 500 A to 6300 A and are compatible with a wide range of accessories and plug-in units for flexible installation.