Low Voltage Switchgear

Low Voltage Switchgears are a series of drawer-style switchgears that Eaton has designed to offer outstanding safety and high reliability. This switchgear series has a full range of specifications, including the Power Xpert series, the xEnergy series and the Modan series. The series provides compact low voltage switchgear solutions to key industrial and commercial customers.

Eaton Power Xpert DX Low Voltage Power Distribution And Motor Control Center

Power Xpert DX Low Voltage Power Distribution And Motor Control Center is Eaton’s most advanced low-voltage switchgear solution package. It incorporates Arc Free / Arc Proof design to be a leader in the industry in terms of reliability and safety. Key industrial, petrochemical applications, infrastructure facilities, data centers and commercial systems use this switchgear for reliable motor control and power distribution. The Power Xpert® DX is Eaton's best solution for low voltage power supply and control when combined with Eaton's other equipment and services.

Eaton XBoard Distribution Box

Eaton XBoard Distribution Box is an low voltage power distribution cabinet that combines the best features from Eaton's Echidna & Moeller's XBoard. The power distribution cabinets have an brand-new exterior, unique performance and field adaptation. They are turnkey power distribution cabinet solutions which are efficient, safe and reliable for industrial and commercial power distribution systems.

Eaton IPDU

iPDU Precision Distribution Unit is Eaton's new generation distribution cabinet, specially designed for common single-point failures in power systems. Designed to monitor and manage independent shunts, the iPDU increases power reliability at data centers for a brand-new management and construction experience. This distribution cabinet is primarily for medium to large data centers and data rooms in institutions including financial, telecommunication and governmental, airports and hospitals.

Eaton LV Liquid-cooling VFD Panel

The LV Liquid-Cooled VFD Panel is a variable frequency drive panel designed for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry. The output range for this variable frequency drive panel is 380 V to 500 V, which fully satisfies a wide range of voltage and frequency needs found globally. Its core component uses Eaton's LCX9000 liquid-cooled variable frequency drive (VFD) with an efficiency of up to 95%, thus minimizing motor wear.

Eaton Low Voltage Licensable Assemblies - xEnergy

This product was manufactured by Eaton licensed panel builder, Please contact us for more information.

Eaton Low Voltage Licensable Assemblies MODAN 6000

The MODAN 6000 series is one of the world's leading power switchgears and can be easily combined with Eaton's other switchgears to ensure the highest performance. This switchgear can serve as power distribution centers, motor control centers and power lighting centralized control systems. It is widely used in servicing power stations, subways, the petrochemical industry, drilling platforms, municipal engineering works, commercial construction, mining enterprises and high-rise buildings.