Medium voltage power distribution & control systems

Improve reliability, increase efficiency and enhance safety with a broad portfolio of medium-voltage electrical equipment that distributes, monitors and manages power throughout your facility or operation.

Eaton 12 kV ET1 Alternating-current Metal-enclosed Switchgear

The 12 kV ET1 Alternating-current Metal-enclosed Switchgear is an indoor, metal-enclosed, air-insulated medium voltage switchgear. This switchgear combines a new vacuum interrupter and proven epoxy insulation technology, and is fully type tested and optimized for safety, reliability, economy and efficiency. This switchgear can be used in power plants, substations, industrial and mining enterprises and high-rise buildings. Its small 550 mm cabinet frame makes it especially suitable for commercial real estate, data centers, on-site modification and other space-constrained projects.

Eaton SF6 Gas Insulated RMU

The SF6 Gas Insulated RMU RVAC is a fully insulated, fully isolated electrical Ring Main Unit (RMU) developed for cable circuit applications. This RMU uses SF6 gas for insulation, which effectively minimizes the impact of harsh environments. With an excellent reputation, it is used in municipal electrical grids throughout China.

Eaton VCP-WG Generator Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Eaton has developed its vacuum circuit breaker—the VCP-WG Generator Vacuum Circuit Breaker—for generator circuits that have special requirements. This circuit breaker meets rigorous IEEE standards and is widely used in in coal-fired, hydropower, wind and integrated power plants and all industries using circulating steam or gas turbines.