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Cutouts are Eaton's series of drop-out cutouts tailored for outdoor overhead lines. The cutouts adopt the industry-leading single-ended exhaust design for its strong arc suppression. They work with pole-mounted transformers, circuit breakers and load switches on 10 kV and 40.5 kV high voltage power distribution systems to provide reliable protection and excellent performance.

Eaton 40.5 kV Cutout

The 40.5 kV Cutout is Eaton's outdoor high voltage drop-out cutout tailored for wind farms in China. It has a compact structure and is not easily affected by wind pressure. Using silicone insulators, it is light, and easy to install and maintain. This fuse is mainly used to protect the transformers under wind turbines from the impact of high current in case of external faults.

Eaton 10 kV L Cutout

Type L Drop-Out Cutout is the preferred outdoor overhead high voltage cutout for power companies and industrial users. It provides complete and reliable overload and short circuit protection for transformers, capacitors, cables or overhead lines in 10 kV distribution systems.