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Disconnectors are a series of composite disconnectors developed by Eaton for outdoor overhead lines. This series has a broad selection of disconnector models and uses high-quality silicone rubber insulators with strong corrosion, UV resistance, and arc suppression. They can be used widely in 10 kV and 40.5 kV power distribution systems.

Eaton 10 kV Disconnector

Eaton's 10 kV Disconnector series is an outdoor composite disconnectors used in 10 kV AC overhead lines. They work with circuit breakers or load-break switches to provide visible breaks and enhance the safety during equipment operation and maintenance.

Eaton 40.5 kV Disconnector

The 40.5 kV Disconnector is a composite disconnector series developed for 40.5 kV distribution lines. The series uses Eaton's patented magnetic force together with reverse loop contacts, include load operation functionality, and is able to interrupt rated current of 600 A and 900 A.