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Distribution Automation Solution

Distribution Automation Solutions are designed for the growing prevalence of intelligent devices, real-time monitoring and remote control in power distribution automation systems. The program includes a series of measurement and control devices, protective relays, multi-function power meters and distribution automation terminals which helps users reduce costs, improve system availability, and minimize power outages. 

Eaton Distribution Protection and Control

Distribution Protection and Control devices are Eaton's cable protection devices developed specially for public utilities and industrial power distribution. These monitoring and control devices are widely used in substations, switch stations, RMUs, power distribution rooms, box substations, overhead switches and overhead transformers for protection, monitoring, control and power distribution automation.

Eaton Advanced Power Metter

Multifunction Power Meters are intelligent power meters that measure power parameters and billing and also analyze power quality and harmonics. The power meter uses a high-precision sampling unit and high-speed data processing unit for a wide range of highly precise measurements and rapid data analysis. They are one of the ideal choices for low and medium voltage power distribution systems, generators, motor control centers, industrial automation and control systems, energy management systems and power monitoring systems.

Eaton Distribution Automation Terminals

Distribution Automation Terminals are an important part of distribution automation systems to deliver real-time monitoring, fault detection, fault location, isolation and power restoration in non-fault areas on multi-line systems. These terminals include distribution terminal units (DTU), feeder terminal units (FTU) and transformer terminal units (TTU). They are widely used, especially in 10 kV medium voltage power distribution control systems.