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Edison 系列 Class J 熔断器

Edison's UL Class J fuse products are offered in both Dual-Element Time-Delay (JDL) and Fast-Acting (JFL) types. Both types have 200,000 amp interrupting rating at 600Vac RMS Sym amps. Their small physical size and high performance characteristics makes Class J fuses ideal for any space-limited applications. Edison's JFL fuses are best suited for the protection of non-inductive loads such as resistive heating and lighting circuits.


  • 支路额定
  • 抑制型熔断器
  • UL 认证和 CSA 认证
  • 符合 CE 和 RoHS 标准

Edison 系列 Class J 熔断器的优点

Class J 熔断器外形小巧,性能出众,尤其适用于空间狭窄的应用场合

Bussmann 系列熔断器原理

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