PowerPort-E is software that is used to configure a device and read data from a device. PowerPort-E provides the following:

·         Menu controlled parameter setting including validity checks;

·         Off-line configuration of all relay types;

·         Reading and evaluation of statistical data and measuring values;

·         Commissioning Support (Forcing Relays, Disarming Relays);

·         Display of the device status;

·         Fault analysis via event and fault recorder


Installation of the Software PowerPort-E

System Requirements:

Windows 7, Windows 8.x or Windows 10

To install PowerPort-E:

·         Double-click on the installation file with the left mouse button.

·         Confirm by pressing the »Next« button in the INFO frame.

·         Select an installation path or confirm the standard installation path by mouse click on the »Next« button.

·         Confirm the entry for the suggested Start Menu folder by mouse click on the »Next« button.

·         Start the installation process by mouse click on the »Install« button.

·         Finish the installation procedure by mouse click on the »Finish« button.

If the suggested installation folder was chosen in the procedure above, the User can now call up the program via [StartPrograms►Eaton Relays►PowerPort-E].