Industrial UPS systems ensure business stability in even the harshest environments

Today’s industrial applications have unique and highly demanding power requirements. Learn more about how our industry-leading solutions are designed to help bolster uptime, reliability, efficiency and productivity in even the most rugged environments.

Industrial automation sectors require robust solutions

Poor power quality is one of the most significant issues affecting today’s industrial facilities. From manufacturing plants to mining sites to water utility infrastructure management, industrial applications require durable solutions to effectively combat the rough conditions that continually threaten operational resiliency. 

Consistent power support for the Industrial Internet of Things

By bringing together machines, advanced analytics and people, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is transforming industry, and defining consistent power as a core requirement for a successful industrial foundation.

By powering IIoT solutions properly, you can:

  • Ensure continuous uptime
  • Provide intelligence and insight
  • Increase operational predictability

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Don't leave your power protection strategy to chance

The components that comprise your power quality system can have a huge impact on your business. That’s why it is essential to choose an experienced partner with products that specifically address the needs of industrial applications, including: 


Withstand harsh environments that may be hot, cold, wet, dusty or humid. The Ferrups FX UPS system delivers heavy-duty protection while offering highly configurable voltages, frequencies, runtimes, power cords and receptacles.
Eaton Ferrups FX UPS LED status bar


Ensure critical systems always remain up and running despite poor power conditions. The Ferrups FX, a leading industrial UPS continually regulates voltage and eliminates harmful harmonic currents. Industrial applications also benefit from reliable, flexible cost-effective power distribution units such as Eaton’s High Density rack PDU.

Remote monitoring

Resolve potential issues before they become catastrophic events. Industrial facilities can improve machine availability through PredictPulse and management software, which migrates downtime risks and proactively extends asset life through cloud-based analytics. Customizable remote monitoring capabilites are made seamless through an array of connectivity options.

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When the environment gets tough, the tough choose Eaton

Harsh environments that are full of humidity, dust and unstable power conditions are all too familiar for industrial workers and nothing new for Eaton. We have years of experience building durable products that can help keep you connected to the data, personnel and systems required to maintain business continuity. With the IIoT placing pressure on businesses Eaton has strived to make products that are reliable, durable and secure to take the ‘worry’ out of regular tasks because we make what matters work for you.

For decades, legacy FERRUPS industrial UPS has set the standard for solid power protection. This unit has now been enhanced to withstand even greater environmental pressures and challenges of rugged applications with the new Ferrups FX UPS providing:

  • Enhanced reliability with customizable options
  • Remote-control display with a high visibility status LED bar
  • Optimized operational resiliency with remote monitoring capabilities through Eaton PredictPulse remote monitoring service.

During an unscheduled outage, an infrastructure manager received a call informing her of a current issue which saved her time and money.

PredictPulse monitoring.png

PredictPulse provides remote updates for the Ferrups FX and other UPSs, no matter where you are.

"I use the feature which alerts me to power outages, whether it is going on and off the battery. E.g., this feature came in handy last weekend when the Department of Water and Power took the power down. They said that it was for 12 hours, but it ended up being 14 hours. I could manage the readings on the batteries, ensure they weren't draining, and everything was okay."

Wanda Belvin, Information Technology Infrastructure Manager at a financial services firm

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End-to-end solutions safeguard industrial sites from top to bottom

The ability for a business to thrive in today’s harsh industrial environments depends largely on the deployment of a comprehensive, intelligent power solution. With its flagship FERRUPS UPS product line, Eaton has long been recognized as a leading industrial UPS manufacturer. Yet overcoming new up-time challenges, including those created by the proliferation of IIoT and smart technology, requires more than industrial UPS systems alone. While the new Ferrups FX UPS system represents a vital component to a well-thought-out strategy, Eaton supports the industrial ecosystem in its entirety, providing a complete range of solutions that help organizations achieve success and stability in the most rugged environments.

Eaton helps you manage utility infrastructure challenges

Consistent power is a necessary component to ensure operations run smoothly in all facets of business. However, industrial applications are especially vulnerable to harsh operating conditions where any loss of power can have devastating impacts. 


For manufacturers, an outage lasting mere seconds has the ability to significantly impact the entire assembly line──damaging machinery, materials and final products. Even more, the time and expense of ensuing restarts can further adversely affect a business’ bottom line.




Power loss at water and wastewater facilities can result in pump failures or pressure losses that can discharge contaminants into source water supplies; back up sewage into homes and businesses; lead to cascading infrastructure failures; and allow contaminants to enter the drinking water distribution system from surrounding soil and groundwater. 

Learn more about optimizing power generations and distribution for utilities.



Shielding against electrical faults is essential to safety in an industry that relies heavily on electricity. A quality power protection solution prevents an array of negative outcomes, from minor accidents to workplace disasters.

Learn more about driving continuous improvement  for mining above and below the ground.



Critical military installations and marine vessels──where national security is at stake──as well as numerous other governmental applications are subjected to ongoing uptime challenges in conditions where dirty power is pervasive.

Oil and gas

Because gas pipelines have compression and decompression points with sensitive equipment, they require a reliable, secure power supply. Meanwhile, offshore oil platforms need power protection solutions that are capable of withstanding exposure to the elements. Most of the UPSs in this sector have exceeded their recommended lifespan, yet digitization now makes it easy to justify a UPS upgrade.

Learn more about the requirements of the oil and gas industry. 


Food processing

Heightened food safety requirements and improved productivity through automation and monitoring processes have resulted in dramatic changes to the food processing and packaging industry in recent years. Even a brief loss of power can lead to costly equipment damage, lost productivity, scraps and missed schedules.

Learn more about how Eaton solutions addresses the needs of the food and beverage industry.


UPS and power considerations for harsh environments

The power to optimize IloT innovations

As the Internet of Things has become an integral part of our daily lives, Eaton solutions have been working behind the scenes to support this vital ecosystem. Learn how we help keep people and businesses connected.