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MiniRaQ by Eaton frequently asked questions

Questions about the features and benefits of the MiniRaQ by Eaton?

What is the maximum weight capacity for a MiniRaQ?

Each MiniRaQ can hold up to 400 pounds of equipment, providing the versatility to mount multiple pieces of equipment while maintaining a compact footprint.

What options are available within the MiniRaQ family?

The MiniRaQ comes in three configurations options:

  • MiniRaQ Open - Sturdy, low profile, open frame wallmount rack
  • MiniRaQ Convertible - Rugged, low profile design, open frame wallmount rack capable of being upgraded to MiniRaQ Secure
  • MiniRaQ Secure - Locking lid wallmount enclosure with heat removal, air filtering and data/cable management accessories available

What sizes are available within the MiniRaQ family?

The MiniRaQ comes in two options:

  • MiniRaQ Compact - Supports equipment from 22-28 inches in depth
  • MiniRaQ Tall - Supports equipment from 29-35 inches in depth

How do I manage my cabling?

The MiniRaQ offers dedicated mounting for path panels and six dedicated cable passthrough entry/exit points for optimum routing of both network and power cabling.

Are there cooling accessories available?

Yes.  MiniRaQ accessories including fan trays and filter kits are available to provide maximum clean airflow and heat removal within the enclosure.

What is the installation process?

The MiniRaQ platform is modular, meaning a single individual can install the enclosure with ease. Simply disassemble the enclosure, mount the base plate and add the modular components to complete the installation.

How much equipment can the MiniRaQ hold?

The MiniRaQ has the capability to support up to 10U of IT equipment. There is plenty of room to support a network switch, server, UPS, extended batteries and automatic transfer switches.

What depth of equipment can the MiniRaQ support?

Depending on the model, the MiniRaQ platform can support equipment from 22-35 inches in depth. 

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