Working together to help our communities get better faster

The COVID-19 crisis is placing unprecedented demands on healthcare organizations, driving a critical need to expand capacity for testing and patient care to address the global pandemic in local communities. 

Supporting local response to the healthcare crisis

We know healthcare organizations everywhere are racing to bring testing centers online, build field hospitals, convert available space and more. In this demanding time, expertise, responsiveness and capability are more important than ever.

Eaton is committed to meeting our healthcare customers’ critical needs during this crisis. We remain dedicated to ensuring always-on power for essential electrical systems and data services and supporting healthcare capacity needs with on-time project construction. In fact, we recently partnered with electrical contractors and distributors to build two new field hospitals in Wuhan, China.

At a time when what matters most is the ability of our healthcare system to respond to the crisis at hand, we can help. To that end, we are committed to partnering with the healthcare industry, and the dedicated contractors, consultants and channel partners who support it, to respond to the challenge before us and deliver what’s needed: expertise, response time and power management solutions.

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Application expertise

From temporary tent structures serving community testing to housing patients in newly retrofitted facilities, we’re able to tailor our services to your unique project requirements. 

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Eaton's engineering services team works with your facility operations team to provide:

  • Existing distribution systems inspections, confirming whether existing equipment/systems can handle additional loads, re-balancing loads or adding capacity
  • 24/7 engineering services to support your testing, maintenance and repair needs
  • Switchgear modernization to accommodate any necessary upgrades required to meet new system needs
  • Auto-transfer upgrades or systems to support temporary hospital facility power
  • Arc flash hazard analysis for safety considerations and compliance with NFPA-70E and OSHA

Learn more about Eaton's emergency response and crisis management services.

Rapid response and custom solutions available locally

Whether you’re establishing a 1,000-bed hospital or drive-in testing, we have local expertise available during this time of need to provide support. Our team members live and work within your communities and want to be part of the solution in this crisis. Our 16 regional manufacturing satellites provide rapid delivery, proven expertise and customized solutions for all critical application projects.

Committed to meeting our customers’ critical needs

Designed with safety and sustainability at the forefront, Eaton’s Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) helps protect healthcare and other essential workers by reducing the risk of exposure to potentially harmful substances in the workplace.

Activating additive manufacturing to help fight COVID-19

By applying 3D printing and leveraging our manufacturing expertise to enable local manufacturers, we’re helping deliver much needed supplies to healthcare workers.