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A rock-solid data center, 30 meters below Stockholm.

Bahnhof is a rapidly growing Swedish internet and hosting services provider with a bold vision of tomorrow. It’s apparent in the sci-fi design of their Pionen White Mountains data center, located in a former nuclear shelter 30 meters below Stockholm. It’s also why they chose Eaton as their partner.

Blasting away 4,000 square meters of rock. And any uncertainties.

When Bahnhof came across the opportunity to expand into the Cold War-era military bunker and nuclear shelter in 2006, they wanted to go far beyond the ordinary. More than 4,000 cubic meters of rock were blasted away to create 1,200 square meters of network operations.

Today, the futuristic data center installation is set deep inside the bedrock beneath Sweden’s capital. Simulated daylight illuminates greenhouses and waterfalls alongside rows of black and white rack cabinets. Immense backup power engines, originally designed for submarines, sit inside rock caverns with blue fluorescent light.

Pionen is one of Bahnhof's largest data centers. It hosts a significant part of Bahnhof's network operations and serves as a colocation center for multiple companies and individuals. Over 6,000 servers needed to be protected against any malfunction caused by power fluctuations. Absolute 24/7 power is critical to their customers’ businesses. And to Bahnhof's success.

Video: Deep beneath Stockholm lies a next-generation data center.

Building on history. With the future in mind.

Power Xpert 9395

The Power Xpert 9395 UPS provides industry-leading efficiency and scalable battery runtimes in a small footprint.

Bahnhof has worked with Eaton since 2000 and uses Eaton’s power protection solutions in all five of their data centers across Sweden. Prior to Pionen, Eaton delivered a variety of products, including 10 three-phase UPSs of 30–60 kVA, nearly 200 single-phase rack-mount UPSs and a number of rack-based ePDU.

For Pionen, Eaton envisioned a powerful UPS system with ample room to grow to meet the ever-increasing power needs of more and more servers. Bahnhof started off with the Eaton Power Xpert 9395 825 kVA UPS system for its power and easily scalable, modular structure. An additional 275 kVA unit made for a flexible upgrade to provide more capacity and redundancy to ensure the data center worked reliably 24/7.

Eaton’s been a roll-up-the-sleeves partner for Bahnhof for over 10 years. For good reason. We're always thinking beyond the now to envision what the future can be. And at the Pionen data center, that future seems clearer than ever.

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