Circuit breakers
xEffect FRCmM-NA residual current circuit breaker
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xEffect FRCmM-NA residual current circuit breaker

This residual current circuit breaker forms part of Eaton's xEffect industrial range and meets the special requirements for extended air and creepage distances of the UL 1053 standard. This device from Eaton's residual current circuit breaker range is particularly suitable for the protection of people and equipment in industrial applications.

Design according to
IEC/EN 61008
Suitable for global use
UL 1053
Rated tripping current
30, 300 mA

Core features

  • Contact position indicator red - green
  • Tripping indicator white - blue
  • Contact position indicator
  • Fault current tripping indicator
  • Automatic re-setting possible
  • Transparent designation plate
  • Twin purpose terminal (lift/open-mouthed) at top and bottom
  • Comprehensive range of accessories
  • FRBmM-1N universal tripping signal switch (also suitable for FAZ) can be retrofitted
  • Z-HK auxiliary switch can be retrofitted

Reliable protection for machines

These products provide optimal system and additional protection against residual earth leakage currents for a wide range of applications. They come with different tripping characteristics to cater for a variety of electrical systems and components. The devices offer a wide range of nominal currents and comprehensive optional accessories.

Suitable for global use

Eaton’s comprehensive range of compact RCCBs for fault current and additional protection meet the requirements of the UL 1053 and IEC/EN 61008 standards, making them suitable for global use.

Different types are available

Type A: Protection against special forms of residual pulsating DC currents that have not been smoothed.

Type G/A: Additional protection against special forms of residual pulsating DC currents that have not been smoothed. High level of protection against nuisance tripping.