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XV supercapacitor

Eaton’s XV family of supercapacitor cells provide very high capacitance for peak power, charge/discharge cycling and back-up power applications in the hundreds of watts to low kilowatt power systems. They are used in a variety of applications, including automotive, medical, aerospace and industrial back-up.

The XV family ranges from 300 F to 600 F with operating temperatures from -40°C to +85°C. They can work as standalone energy storage or in combination with batteries to extend runtime or lifetime. The family is RoHS compliant and uses UL-registered components.

Technical data sheets

XV supercapacitor data sheet

High energy
High power, low ESR
Broad temperature range

Eaton supercapacitors provide reliable start-up for engine design

Designing a reliable engine start system is a necessity for automotive electrical and mechanical engineers. But even the best lead-acid battery can result in a stalled engine due to a cold climate or premature degradation. Conventional batteries can cause issues for commuters...

Eaton supercapacitors provide superior active suspension for automotive engineers

Suspension control is a fundamental concern in car driveability. Anti-roll bar or stabiliser bar systems help stabilise a vehicle by adjusting the suspension while navigating sharp turns or irregular road conditions.

XB and XV supercapacitor product aid

20-year Eaton supercapacitors enable high reliability applications