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AT-S+ - Automatic test emergency lighting system

The Automatic Test System (AT-S+) central battery emergency lighting individually monitors each CG-S luminaire (up to 20 per circuit), and it does all this using the power supply cable alone.

Featuring STAR+ technology, it enables the switching mode of every connected V-CG-S luminaire to be freely programmed within a 50 or 60 Hz supply network using the system‘s controller.

Allowing for maintained, switched maintained and non-maintained modes to be combined in one and the same circuit with no need for separate data cables.

STAR+ technology
Allows the switching mode of every connected V-CG-S luminaire to be freely programmed
Integrated search function
Automatically detects all system-dependent luminaires and modules
Central Monitoring
With an additional of a device AT- can be connected via an interface


  • Shortened inspection effort due to STAR+ technology; automatic function monitoring of up to 20 luminaires per circuit
  • Reduced installation expenditures by STAR+ technology; freely programmable mixed operation of the switching modes per luminaire in one circuit
  • Less installation costs as no data line is required to the luminaires
  • Automatic luminaire search function
  • Plain text display on the control module down to the last luminaire
  • Flexible data storage for test log and system configuration with memory card
  • 30 minutes functionality in compliance with model directive for fire protection requirements on electrical wiring systems (MLAR model conduit systems directive), version 04/2016, tested by  national material testing office

Structure of the AT-S+ cabinet

  1. Cable unfeed from above
  2. Triple deck tension spring installation terminal with neutral wire disconnect terminal
  3. Control unit CU-S+
  4. DC/DC converter
  5. AC module
  6. Fuse circuit breaker D02 25 A per field
  7. Circuit switching modules SU S+ S x 6 A
  8. Fuse circuit breaker
  9. 6-gold mains distribution box (optional)
  10. Cable infeed from below

Featuring STAR+ technology - Proven safety and flexibility for AC safety power sources

AT-S+ offers all the known benefits of our STAR technology, now also for AC safety power sources. Providing a highly flexible test system with all the familiar benefits including shorted inspection effort and reduced installation cost.

The perfect symbiosis of CEWA GUARD and STAR technology in projects in which batteries as power sources for safety services are not needed, but where generators, dual systems (secondary power supply), or central converter systems are used.

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Safe operation under the most extreme environmental conditions

There are different types of sub-distributors available for compliance with the requirement on functional integrity of MLAR 04/2016.

Sub-distributor in sheet steel housing

In accordance with the model guideline on fire protection requirements pertaining to wire systems (MLAR specimen guideline on wire systems), version 11/2005, verified by a National Material Testing Office.

Electric distributor with functional integrity


Experimental design for application as an electrical distributor with functional integrity. The functioning of all the installed electronic components was tested in a fire test.

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