Low Temperature series - Central battery IP65 safety & exit sign
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Low Temperature series - Central battery IP65 safety & exit sign

The Low Temperature series of luminaires are specialized for environments with extremely low temperatures down to -40°C, including of both escape sign and safety luminaires.

The ‘LT Series’ utilizes a new specialized V-CG-SLI module to guarantee operation down to -40oC. This module is used in combination with the existing luminaire enclosures to create new versions that are optimized for cold store environments.

With IP65 and IK08 or 10 ratings, the luminaires of the Low Temperature series are ideal for mounting in external areas, as well as for wall and ceiling mounting in industrial cold store applications.

Low Temperature series - Central battery IP65 safety & exit sign
HACCP certifies that the luminaires of the LT-Series comply with the requirements of food-law
Low Temperature-Series
Specialized for low temperature environments down to -40 °C
LT-Series guarantees
Reliable performance across a wide temperature range.


  • LED safety luminaire with high protection class (IP65) for indoor and outdoor use
  • Specialized electronics with components for reliable operation down to -40 °C
  • Luminaire with limited surface temperatures for use in operating areas with fire hazard
  • Acc. HACCP suitable for use in food processing industry
  • Robust construction from aluminium diecast and high impact resistant cover made of polycarbonate
  • Minimum service requirement due to high service life of the LEDs (up to 50,000 hours) Service life is increased at -20°C ambient temperature
  • Shortened inspection effort due to CEWA GUARD technology
  • Automatic function monitoring of up to 20 luminaires per circuit
  • Reduced installation cost by STAR technology
  • Freely programmable mixed operation of the switching modes per luminaire in one circuit

Specialized for low temperature environments down to -40 °C

Eaton’s LT-Series of central battery-supplied luminaires is specialized for environments down to -40 °C, alleviates the difficulty in the planning of escape routes for low-temperature facilities.

Distribution networks and supply chains of foodstuffs can be streamlined for cost-effectiveness by installing specialized LT-Series emergency luminaires that will keep performing where other luminaires fail or reduce in output.

Escape routes are required to continue even outside of the building to lead people to a point of safety. This makes emergency luminaires necessary on external areas at the exits of buildings. In locations with vast seasonal differences in temperature, a tough challenge is posed for external escape route illumination.

Eaton’s LT-Series combines both certified IP65 enclosures and specialized electronics that will not fail during the freezing winter temperatures.


Cost effective conformity and enchanced safety no matter the installation size

To cater to vastly varying choices of tastes from all corners of the world and in all seasons, there is a growing number of foodstuffs available that are transported to supermarkets from large and small distribution centres. This requires continuously cooling or freezing without interruption.

High temperatures are well-known to cause functional problems for the electronics in luminaires. However sub-zero temperatures adversely put luminaire electronics under strain and can lead to malfunction if the components are not suitable for such a harsh environment. The LT-Series is built on specialized electronics with specific components capable of functioning in extremely cold environments.

Additionally, low temperatures also pose a challenge for conventional lamps. For this reason, the LT-Series utilizes LED technology, allowing a life expectancy of 50,000 hours that reduces maintenance costs and minimizes running costs through lower power input.


The LT-Series contains the ideal mix of escape signs for large zones and smaller, more contained areas, as well as safety luminaires for both high and low mounting heights. The LT-Series is therefore optimal for all applications with low temperatures, regardless of the size of the installation.

Facilities in the supply chain of both refrigerated and frozen products can achieve norm-conformity, enhanced safety and become more cost-effective with Eaton’s LT-Series of emergency luminaires.

Typical cold storage facility installation with Eaton's LT-Series


Performing where others freeze

  • Robust housing
    IP65 enclosures with IK08 to IK10 ratings
  • Sophisticated illumination
    High quality LED in combination with specialized optics technology
  • High-performance electronics
    Specialized electronic module in the LT-Series has care-fully selected components to guarantee function.
  • Flexible applications
    Cold stores are often parts of large facilities with complex layouts, the LT-Series offers a complete set.
  • Regulation for Foodstuffs
    Fully HACCP certified, the range is suitable for areas of food storage and preparation.

46011 LED LT CG-S

IP65 Escape Sign luminaire with 60m viewing distance

Atlantic LED LT CG-S

IP65 Escape Sign Luminaires with 24m viewing distance

Atlantic LED HB LT CG-S

IP65 safety luminaire for high mounting heights of up to 30m

Atlantic LED LT CG-S

IP65 safety luminaires for mounting heights of up to 8m

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Luminaires for safety lighting are also required in damp rooms, as well as outdoor applications. Significantly increasing the demand for housing technology to prevent the ingress of water and dust. With outdoor use, the influence of the UV rays is also a factor.

Inspections according to EN 60529 and DIN EN 60598-1 are carried out for testing the degree of tightness. Typical protection ratings for technical luminaires are IP54 (dust and splash water protection) and IP65 (dust and water jet protection).

Over 50 years of safe evacuation expertise

Eaton offers a wide range of emergency exit and safety luminaires. Featuring CEWA GUARD & STAR technology available as standard, they offer the basis for minimized inspection and maintenance costs. Innovative lighting technology combined with highly efficient LEDs ensure up to 70% less power consumption and significantly lower maintenance costs with a service life up to 50,000 hours.
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