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SelvGuard - Safety Extra Low Voltage emergency lighting system

Eaton SelvGuard is a Low Power System (LPS) providing 48 V DC supply to the emergency lighting luminaires. The central battery system is suitable for small and medium emergency lighting applications such as small-medium retail stores, health care, education, leisure and hospitality.

Designed to EN50171, the Protection Class I system has eight SELV (Safe Extra Low Voltage) end circuits.

Easy access and monitoring is completed through a display on the outside of the housing with a joystick for simple navigation. There is also the option for an additional remote display for areas such as receptions.

Two sizes are available to accommodate up to 283 or 600 W luminaire load in 600 x 600 x 250 mm and up to 900W or 1200W luminaire load in 700 x 600 x 400 mm (H x W x D).

End circuits
Eight SELV (Safe Extra Low Voltage) end circuits
Designed in accordance with EN 50171
Maintained & non-maintained programmable end circuits

SelvGuard - Safety Extra Low Voltage


Reliable reporting and operation with eight freely programmable inputs and outputs

SelvGuard includes eight freely programmable inputs and outputs available to perform Inhibit and Rest mode functions, control end circuits output groups and signalize faults and alarms. Included as standard instead of as an additional option it makes SelvGuard a cost-effective, simple to integrate solution for low power emergency lighting systems.

Flexible by design. Configure to the project, building or unit.

Built to be flexible, every SelvGuard low power system has eight easily configured end circuits.

Split into two end circuits groups of six and two by default; groups can be wired as required, and be programmed as either maintained or non-maintained and can be switched via an input contact.

Less system complexity, less time installing - better overall cost

SelvGuard doesn't require an additional emergency lighting distribution board to perform its non-maintained functionality.

Further to this, it also doesn't need fire-rated cable for 3 phase monitors or remote control inputs due to differential loop monitoring inputs. This reduces the installation cost and makes installation much more straightforward.

Additional safety and security with easy remote reporting

SelvGuard remote display front and side view

The backlit LCD display brings emergency lighting system reporting to wherever the user wants.

Delivering system readiness, battery operation (charge percentage, fault, compartment temperature) and sum failure to an easy to use interface.

Ultimately, the optional remote display simplifies the reporting of events reducing the time and cost to check system status. One remote display can be connected to one SelvGuard low power system.

  • Buzzer for providing alerts in areas such as receptions and control rooms
  • 5-way joystick for simple navigation through events and quick reporting
  • 30° or 55° options available for both wall and desk mounting
  • Rated IP20 for everyday use
  • Position up to 500m away from the main cabinet

Example of three SelvGuard emegrency lighting systems split across an office building

  • Separate SelvGuard low power systems (LPS) for each office unit.
  • Ground floor system also covering the emergency lights of the floor and staircase, reporting to a reception desk via a Remote Display.
  • Different circuits for safety luminaires and exit signage and optional remote display position next to reception entrances on each floor.
SelvGuard Installation Building EN

Works perfectly with Eaton's 48 V DC emergency lighting luminaires

Whether its a high aesthetic exit sign, high flux LED safety luminaire for high ceiling areas, a tubular exit sign or safety luminaire, energy-efficient safety luminaire or discrete safety luminaire, Eaton's 48V range has you covered.

Eaton emergency lighting, 50 years of safe evacuation expertise

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