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BeamLite II CG-S - Central battery safety luminaire

BeamLite II CG-S provides a solution for both wide-area anti-panic lighting and narrow illumination of escape routes or to highlight safety equipment like fire extinguishers in accordance to EN1838. 

Rated at IP65 ingress protection and with IK07 impact resistance, this luminaire is well equipped for industrial applications such as factories or warehouses. 

With two integrated light options, BeamLite II CG-S is a versatile tool for multiple applications. The narrow beam option can be used to illuminate escape routes also from high installation points. The wide beam option can be used for wide-area lighting or anti-panic illumination. Adjustable lamp heads allow the light to be easily directed where it is needed even when the given installation situation may not be ideal.  

BeamLite II CG-S - Central battery safety luminaire
High flux
800 lumens with 2 directional LED light heads
Installation in tall locations
Suitable for up to 30 m height
Narrow or wide light distribution


  • LED safety luminaire with high ingress protection class (IP65) with two adjustable light heads with 400 lm each
  • Light heads are rotatable in two axes in 15° steps and are equipped with a locking mechanism preventing accidental change of light head configuration
  • Narrow or wide beam option can be configured individually per light head via jumper switches
  • One product applicable for escape route illumination, open area illumination or for illuminating points of emphasis in accordance with EN 1838
  • Narrow beam option enables escape illumination from up to 30 m height and gives a maximum spacing between luminaires up to 29 m
  • Wide beam option for wide area lighting with up to 16 m height and up to 20 m spacing
  • Shortened inspection effort due to CEWA GUARD technology
  • Automatic function monitoring for up to 20 luminaires per circuit
  • Reduced installation cost through STAR Technology
  • Freely programmable mixed operation, allowing the switching of luminaire modes within one circuit
  • EC1.5 monitoring option available

Equipped to fit all your applications

BeamLite II CG-S is one product applicable to escape route or open area illumination providing the ability to define the light distribution which fits the application. Simply select wide or narrow focus via jumper configuration. 

The narrow light distribution can be used to illuminate escape routes from far which can mean extreme heights.

The wide light distribution can be used for large areas where no fixed escape route is defined, meaning that the complete area needs to be illuminated. 

Animination of Eaton's BeamTech emergency beam going from narrow to wide light distribution

All angles covered with full adjustable lamp heads

The LED lamp heads of the BeamLite II CG-S can be easily directed on specific degrees of inclination from 0° to 90° and rotated up to 360° (both in steps of 15°) for ultimate flexibility during installation and lighting design.

Industrial features & construction, modern design

Even though BeamLite II is a product well equipped for industrial applications such as factories or warehouses, the new design approach enables the use in areas where aesthetics are important as well.

Quick and easy to install

Three cable entry options on the BeamLite II CG-S safety light

Three cable entry options

BeamLite II CG-S features three cable entries for use with cable glands and one BESA compatible entry on the back.

Built-in levels

Levelling indicators are included to make adjustment of the housing during installation straightforward.

Locking mechanism on the BeamLite II CG-S

Locking mechanism

An additional locking mechanism prevents accidental change of light head’s configuration. 

The lamps are turnable around two different axis for maximum flexibility. Included stopping points prevent damaging the luminaire by turning too far.

The engraved degree information and detent points in 15° steps help to set up the luminaire in line with the lighting scheme.

Outside installation points of the BeamLite II CG-S safety light

Outside installation points

Installation points in the outside perimeter, assuring the IP65 protection.

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