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Euro X LED - Self-contained exit sign

The Euro X LED has been developed to meet a wide spectrum of requirements, with no compromises to quality or functionality despite the diversity of product features. It is universally suitable for wall and ceiling mounting without the need of an accessory.

The luminaire features a high IP54 protection rating. Easy installation of this product is due to optimized cable entries and plug-in connectors.

Euro X LED is equipped with long life components (Li-Ion battery and LED light source) as well as automatic testing technology.

Li-Ion battery technology with LED light source
Universal use
Same version for wall and ceiling mounting
Automatic test
Fully automatic function and duration test


  • 20m viewing distance
  • 3h duration
  • Li-Ion battery
  • Maintained and non-maintained operation selectable via a sliding switch
  • Degree of protection IP54
  • LEDs with high service life
  • One-box-solution: Two mounting options and pictogram set included

For indoor environments that require more

Rated to IP54 the Euro X LED emergency exit sign one-box-solution is designed to keep dust out and be splashproof from water.

One box solution with universal mounting on ceilings or walls

Front view of Eaton's Euro X LED ceiling mounted emergency exit sign
Ceiling-surface mounting
Side view of Eaton's Euro X LED wall mounted emergency exit sign
Wall-surface mounting
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