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W270 & W276 LED - Self-contained portable lamp

The W270 & W276 LED hand lamps combine the longtime proofed robust construction made from impact resistant plastics with the efficient and powerful LED technology. It is especially suitable as a search projector with its focused light cone and long range. 

The W270 is the variant with an external charger for less luminaire weight and the W276 is equipped with an integrated charger. The flashing function in combination with the red or orange diffuser disc also allows use as a reliable signal light.

This range has two different light characteristics: the main beam with up to 330lm and narrow beam distribution can be used as a search light or to light an area from a big distance. It has also a work light which gives diffuse light with a duration of up to 14h (4Ah version) or 27h (7Ah version).

Light source
3 high power LEDs with narrow distribution reflector optic
Two modes
"Eco": longer battery operation, "Boost": increased luminous flux
External or integrated charger


  • "Boost" mode: 330lm light output for 6h duration with 7 Ah battery (3.5h with 4 Ah battery)
  • "Eco" mode: 240lm light output for 9h duration with 7 Ah battery (5.5h with 4 Ah battery)
  • Ancillary light: 65lm light output for 27.5h duration with 7 Ah battery (14h with 4 Ah battery)
  • Main beam output configurable
  • Flashing light function
  • Long range up to 50m at 1.5 lx illuminance
  • Robust construction
  • Degree of protection IP54

Shining the way to safety in poorly lit, dark areas

Portable self-contained luminaires are the ideal tool for security, control and inspection services. They have an extremely high light intensity and feature emergency light functionality, and light.

Pick up and go - never worry about charge

The W270 LED comes complete with a robust charging stand that ensures full charge of the emergency light and keeps it ready to be used at a moments notice.
W270 LED Charging Unit
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