VisionGuard - Intelligent emergency lighting visualisation software
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VisionGuard - Intelligent emergency lighting visualisation software

As the successor to our successful CGVision software, the powerful new visualization software VisionGuard offers state-of-the-art monitoring, control and configuration. Designed for all current Windows environments based on WIN10 or Windows Server 2016/2019, the software covers all common application types, from dedicated PC workstations to virtualized environments with remote access.

The intelligent and user-friendly VisionGuard visualization software offers maximum reliability, even when it comes to controlling and monitoring large emergency lighting systems. Up to 500 individual emergency lighting systems with over a million light points can be monitored via a single control room monitor.

Especially for larger buildings such as airports, universities, museums, sports and industrial facilities, VisionGuard is the ideal choice to ensure the optimized and cost-effective operation of emergency lighting systems. It is also a powerful tool for small projects thanks to the user-friendly display of all status information, the extensive notification functions and the mobile application for tablets or smartphones.

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Modern starting page
Web based client/server structure
Multi-user operation
tiered versions
From 3 to 500 emergency lighting systems


  • A modern web-based client/server architecture: Use of standard web browser on the client PC, no special client software installation necessary
  • Extremely versatile: full visualization, monitoring and programming of up to 500 emergency lighting systems with over 1,000,000 emergency luminaires
  • Orientation made easy: With luminaire texts and additional information fields for each luminaire, alongside aerial views and floor plans of the emergency lighting systems and luminaires (in preparation)
  • Transparent and user-friendly log books and extensive print functions provide a clear overview
  • Automatic notifications: The integrated email function with numerous setting options conveniently sends information via email and thereby eliminates the need for in-person inspections
  • Optional BACnet/IP interface: This allows easy connection to an external building management system (BMS) via the BACnet protocol 
  • Graphical representations of battery analog values in the statistic menu offer a clear representation in the form of diagrams over time
  • Occurring faults can be conveniently forwarded to external applications via an integrated export function
  • Battery block monitoring: graphic display of the availability of individual battery block monitoring with single battery block voltage and single battery block temperature

Manage up to 1 million emergency lighting fixtures anywhere, anytime

VisionGuard's modern web-based client-server architecture meets all the requirements of today's Windows-based IT environments.

The web-based client-server design is compatible with any of the browsers that are currently in use for PC workstations. Eliminating the need for any special proprietary client software, which would have to be installed separately and with special administrator rights saving time and the involvement of an IT specialist.

What's more, the responsive web design, which can be used with any standard browser, enabling the use of mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones, running on any operating system (e.g. Android, iOS).

VisionGuard - network scematic

Fully automated to reduce workload to a minimum

VisionGuard makes monitoring complex emergency lighting installation easy. From small project to large-scale emergency lightings such as in airports, the software reduces the workload to minimum, wit fully automated processes and notification tools.

Log book designed around simple filtering and custom alerts

VisionGuard - proof book

Seamless recording of all events

All events are fully recorded in an electronic logbook over a period of at least 4 years in accordance with DIN EN 50172 / DIN VDE V 0108-100-1. Comprehensive filter functions greatly simplify the retrieval of specific events. 

Fully adjustable email notifications

The adjustable email function provides information about alarms and sends status reports after function testing with detailed information down to luminaire level

VisionGuard - e-mail

BACnet/IP interface for external GLT (building management system)

Via an optionally available BACnet/IP interface with configurable BACnet objects, desired status messages and battery values can be forwarded to an external building management system.

Pick the device for the user or situation

Built on responsive design, VisionGuard is optimised for mobile, tablet and full HD displays; automatically adjusting depending on the screen size and resolution.

It empowers users to select the device most appropriate to the task or their area of responsibility.


On the move

Conducting maintenance around a site? Investigating an error identified during testing? Take VisionGuard on the move on either mobile or tablet to make tasks simpler and quicker to resolve/complete.

VisionGuard - iMac view

Central control

Managing multiple systems centrally in a plant room or facility office? Get the full view in HD for central control.

Built with cybersecurity in its DNA

More and more companies are caught in the crosshairs of hacker attacks. Cyberattacks often cause property damage in the millions. The risk potential is enormous in the digital age so that those affected are increasingly investing in defence mechanisms.

Without an adequate cyber strategy, companies not only endanger their systems but also their image. Information security is a top priority of Eaton.


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