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Amylase AG 300 L

Amylase AG 300 L enzyme is a fungal glucoamylase, produced from a selected strain of Aspergillus Niger. Amylase AG 300 L enzyme acts as a catalyst for the step-by-step hydrolysis of 1.4-alpha bonds in starch, with glucose being separated at the non-reducing end of the molecule. Amylase AG 300 L enzyme also acts as a catalyst for the hydrolysis of 1.6-alpha bonds, although this is slower than the hydrolysis of 1.4-alpha bonds. The addition of Amylase AG 300 L enzyme therefore enables almost complete conversion of liquefied starch into glucose.

Amyloglucosidase for degradation 1.4-alpha and 1.6-alpha bonds of starch in fruit juices
Suitable for
All fruit juices
Formulation; Dosage
Liquid; max. 0.2-3 ml/hl

Core features

  • Fast and effective degradation of starch
  • Prevention of secondary haze formation
  • Optimal for heat enzymation
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